A light pole is a light pole is a light pole. Not any more. Meet Perennial Bright - a sustainable hybrid light and security pole. Installed outside Perennial’s office in Toronto, Perennial Bright is a one-of-a-kind light pole that generates its own energy, powers a security camera and monitoring system, has a zero carbon footprint, and last but not the least, costs almost nothing, because the sun and wind are free!

This energy saving, energy generating light pole was developed by Clear Blue Technologies, in collaboration with Perennial Sustainable Solutions (PSS), to further Perennial’s sustainability mandate.

Perennial Bright generates its own energy through solar panels and a wind turbine, and even though it’s completely off-grid, it distributes the same amount of light as a traditional high intensity discharge (HID) light installation. And that’s not all. Perennial Bright’s latest sustainable technology also powers a 24/7-security system. If that wasn’t enough, the pole’s state-of-the-art Smart Off-Grid technology monitors system health, sends alerts, and enables an unparalleled level of remote control from a PC or smartphone. Dig that.

In a country where Mother Nature is famous for displaying her many moods, Perennial Bright does what every smart pole should do, stores the power it generates in solar batteries. In the absence of any wind or sun, the power stored can light the LED light and run the security system for up to three whole days! Interestingly, it was the only light shining when the summer deluge of 2013 plunged Toronto into darkness for an extended period.

Once again, that isn’t all. Without any finite power source, underground wires or trenching, Perennial Bright is light on the wallet. With just the one time cost for equipment, and no energy bills to pay ever, this powerhouse of a pole is a cost efficient, operationally effective sustainable energy solution for any business.

With so many amazing features, there’s little doubt that Perennial Bright is the smartest new addition to the PINC family.